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Mechanical Engineering studies

Department: Faculty of mechanical engineering

Faculty coordinator: Edin Šunje, assist. prof. dr.



Course  Study cycle  Semester  ECTS  Language  Contact person  Email Syllabus
Computer Aided Design  Bsc  Winter  6 English  Senad Rahimic .doc
Reengineering and Rapid prototyping  Msc  Summer  6 English  Tiro Dragi .doc
Dynamics and oscillations Msc  Summer 6 English  Emir Nezirić  
Strength of Materials I  Bsc  Winter  6 English  Safet Isić .doc
Strenght of Materials II  Msc  Summer  6 English  Safet Isić .doc
Welding  Bsc  Winter  6 English  Sead Pašić .doc
Welding Metallurgy  Msc  Summer  6 English  Sead Pašić .doc
Introduction to energetics Bsc Summer 5  English Damir Špago  
Injection molding technologies  Bsc  Summer  6 English  Edin Šunje .doc
Renewable energy sources Bsc Winter 5  English Edin Šunje  
Heat treatment and casting  Bsc  Summer  6 English  Edin Džiho .doc
Maintenance of machines and Bsc  Winter 5 English Emir Nezirić .doc
Mechanics II  Bsc  Summer  6 English  Emir Nezirić .doc
Thermal energy plants BSc Winter  5 English  Emir Nezirić  
Numerical Methods for Structures and Process Analysis Msc  Winter  6 English  Safet Isić  
Corrosion and surface protection  Msc  Winter  6 English  Edin Džiho  
Rebewable energy sources Bsc Winter 5 English Edin Šunje  
Steel constructions  Bsc Summer 5 English Mersida Manjgo   
Constructions principles  BSc Winter 5 English Mersida Manjgo   
Constructions testing Msc  Winter 6 English Mersida Manjgo   

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