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Biology and Chemistry

Department: Biology and Chemistry

Faculty coordinator: Maja Kazazic



Course  Study cycle  Semester  ECTS  Language  Contact person  Email Syllabus
Introduction to Biochemistry BSc V 6 English Maja Kazazić   
Biochemistry I BSc VI 7 English Maja Kazazić   
Analyical chemistry I BSc II 7 English Munir Mehović  
Instrumental methods of analysis BSc VII 5 English Munir Mehović  
Biochemistry II BSc VII 7 English Maja Kazazić   
Structure of macromolecules  BSc VII 5 English Maja Kazazić   
Genetical engineering MSc I 4 English Maja Kazazić   
Biochemical methods MSc II 5 English Maja Kazazić   
Cytology BSc I 6 English Samra Međedović  
Genetics BSc III 6 English Samra Međedović  
Molecular biology BSc IV 6 English Samra Međedović  
Genetic engineering and biotechnology BSc V 5 English Samra Međedović  
Human genetics BSc VI 6 English Samra Međedović  
Pracitcal skills in biology BSc VII 5 English Samra Međedovic  
Human ecology and enviromental protection BSc II 6 English Lejla Riđanović  
Microbiology BSc III 6 English Lejla Riđanović  
Ecology BSc V 5 English Lejla Riđanović  

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