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Public form - "Youth Nutrition - challenges of the modern era"

Public form

A public forum named "Youth Nutrition - challenges of the modern era" will be held on Thursday, March 7, 2024. starting at 11 a.m. in the organization and premises of the Agro-Mediterranean Faculty of the Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar.

The idea behind the organization of this forum is a questionnaire made by the students of the Faculty of Agriculture who wanted to investigate the eating habits of their colleagues, as well as colleagues at other faculties of the Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar.

The results of this survey will be presented by students in the "Nutritionism" study program. To better interpret the results, as well as possible recommendations, the panelists in this forum will be one of the most famous nutritionists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Amela Ivković O'Reilly, Master of Nutrition Vlatka Živkušić and Professor Dr. Aida Šukalić subject professor at the "Nutritionism" study program.

From the public forum, the organizers want to send a message that the problem of student nutrition is very present and that improper nutrition is a threat to the health of young people.

The event is intended for high school seniors and, of course, students of the Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar.


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