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47. years of the University: Promotion of publishing activities

Today, Džemal Bijedić University of Mostar promoted its publishing activities for 2023.

The University published the Bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations of the Džemal Bijedić University of Mostar: 1997 - 2023, by Jasminka Trešnjo and the Bibliography of Monograph Publications of the University Džemal Bijedić University of Mostar: 1977 - 1991, Volume 1, by Edita Mulaosmanović.

The Faculty of Economics published a new edition of Collection of papers, a magazine that has been published since 2000.

Three monographs were published at the Faculty of Humanities: Pictures of the Orient in travelogues by the German-speaking author, Sandine Herić; Romansec gardens of Dževad Karahasan by Dijana Hadžizukič and Sinan-pasha Borovinić: social status, origin, political rise, beginning of urbanization of Mostar by Adis Zilić, Faruk Taslidža and others. In addition, two serial publications were published: Research and Herzegovina.

Emir Nezirić, assistant professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, published a monograph Technical Mechanics - Kinematics.

The Faculty of Law published new editions of three serial publications: Days of Family Law, Yearbook of the Faculty of Law and Review of Law and Economics.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering published three textbooks: Concrete constructions - Part 1 (3rd expanded edition), Concrete constructions - Part 2 and Concrete constructions: a collection of completed assignments by prof. dr. Armin Hadrović.

Faculty of Education published new editions of Educa and Sports logos magazines.

The University keeps all its publications in the Archive Collection of the University Library. So far, University published about 400 monographs, while 2,164 scientific and professional papers and reports were published in 9 regularly published journals.


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