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Workshop - How to Enter the Business World

Prof. Dr. Maida Dizdarević and Senior Assistant Lejla Škaljić, MA, organized the workshop. Nađa Dugalić, BA in nursing with a focus on physiotherapy, and owner of the business "Venus Studio," served as the guest speaker. Under the guidance of the teaching staff, students actively engaged in developing business plans within the course.

The young and prosperous entrepreneur elaborated on the process of establishing and managing a business through a concrete example, providing students with valuable practical insights. Nađa illustrated her journey from conceptualizing the idea to realizing the establishment of the business, while highlighting all the challenges she faced during that process.

She particularly emphasized the importance of formal education in shaping one's personality and the process of maturation. Emphasizing the crucial role of academic education, as a former student of the University "Džemal Bijedić" in Mostar, she also highlighted the significance of continuous further education. Young entrepreneur Nađa advised students: "Whatever you choose to do in life, you must be adequately educated for that role. Academic education, as well as continuous education year after year, form the basis of quality work and an individual approach to each client. I must emphasize that improvements of another nature, such as approach and communication with clients and your team, are very important. You must have the whole package, from good knowledge, special services that set you apart from others, be it by type or quality, to good behavior and availability to clients, so that people recognize your quality and continue to choose you."


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