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I do not want to be a number on an Employment Bureau

I do not want to be a number on an Employment Bureau

On International Students' Day, on November 17, the students of the Faculty of Economics of the Dzemal Bijedić University of Mostar raised their voices and sent a message to the public. Since they cannot afford the luxury of waiting for the reform of the education system and the creation of more stimulating conditions for them in the country, students are taking matters into their own hands. The constant work on themselves and making themselves visible is one of the keys to the solution. As they say, they love this country, they are ready to stay and help build it. However, they took a different, proactive approach. They are trying to attract the attention of employers and direct their knowledge and potential to the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, not some other country. With the help of the promotional video, the students recognized the activities that need to be worked on to stand out in the labor market. By developing their skills, students can turn the situation in their favor and successfully attract employers to look for them and find them not the other way around. The students focus on:

  • Formal education (innovated curricula adapted to the demands and needs of the labor market),
  • Informal education (training and seminars)
  • Volunteerism
  • Learning foreign languages
  • Travel and international mobility projects

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