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Successfully implemented project "Improvement of cherry production in Herzegovina"

Successfully implemented project "Improvement of cherry production in Herzegovina"

The Agromediterranean Faculty actively participated in and successfully implemented activities aimed at enhancing and increasing cherry production in the Herzegovina region within the framework of a three-year project titled "Improvement of Cherry Production in Herzegovina." The collaboration involved the company Jaffa – Komerc, as part of the program implemented by the German government's development agency GIZ GmbH, along with local farmers and experts from the fruit farming sector.

The project aimed to bring about changes not only in the way agriculture is viewed but also in the lifestyle of local communities. The key indicators of the project's success include the following:

- Over 8000 high-quality cherry seedlings were provided to 100 cooperatives that joined.
- Cooperatives received training sessions and constant agronomic support throughout the project.
- Professors from the Agromediterranean Faculty Mostar - UNMO published a manual on cherry cultivation.
- The curricula in cherry production at the Agromediterranean Faculty Mostar - UNMO were innovated.
- The recognizable brand "Hercegovina Cherry" was established and promoted.
- "Mediterranean Fruit Day" events were organized in 2022 and 2023.
- The Cluster of Mediterranean Fruit Producers in Herzegovina was established.
- The website "Hercegovina Cherry" was created, and all events were covered by the media (

The project "Improvement of Cherry Production in Herzegovina" made a significant and multifaceted contribution to the academic community. Students had the opportunity to learn about the latest agricultural techniques and practices through education, research, and practical workshops. The project provided students with firsthand practical experience, aligning educational plans with current market demands.

Scientific discoveries and best practices were presented in theoretical training sessions, engaging students in interactive discussions to explore the best ways to enhance cherry production.

As a result of project activities, the brand "Hercegovina Cherry" was created and entered the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The essence of the project and the new brand lies in promoting domestic production, emphasizing the health benefits of cherries, and supporting small-scale producers. The brand brings together a large number of small producers who aim to offer the juiciest cherries from Herzegovina to the market.

Over the past three years, the mission and vision of the "Hercegovina Cherry" brand have been defined through the project's duration.

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