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Workshop with the most read blogger

Workshop with the most read blogger

Study programme of Tourism organised on Wednesday, 11.05.2022.  a workshop with Robert Decašin, famous travel blogger from Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Young man from Banja Luka shared his life story with the students of the Study programme of Tourism as well as all people who share passion for tourism and marketing. He talked about his beginnings as a travelling blogger, what it represents today and encouraged students to challenge themselves since it is the best way to learn and get to know themselves.

Robert has a passion for foreign languages and he focuses on the job he likes doing – tourism and marketing. By combining these two love he managed to establish many business but also personal contacts around the world. Every of 75 countries he visited has made him a better person. 

This workshop was organised to encourage students to start their own business, to break barriers and strengthen and use their abilities and potentials and the potentials of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As Robert Dacešin said, Bosnia and Herzegovina was a country of great potentials, and young people can use theses potentials and spread positive stories across the world. 


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