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Rector's Award Ceremony

Rector's Award Ceremony

As part of the celebration of the 45th anniversary of the Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar, the Rector's Award was held at the Faculty of Economics for the best students of the first and second cycle of studies.

At the very beginning of the ceremony, the vice-rector prof. dr. Edina Spago-Cumurija told the awarded students to be proud of themselves and their work, and not to give up the value of their hard-earned diplomas when entering the serious business world and life.

After the vice-rector's speech, the rector of the University prof. dr. Elvir Zlomusica presented awards and gifts to the best students.

On behalf of the awarded students, Sara Kljajić addressed the audience. Sara is the best student of the university study of Business Informatics. She emphasized that the success celebrated today by the best students is the crown of many years of commitment.

Awarded students:

First cycle:

     N             Name and surname  Name of faculty / university study    GPA
1.        Branka (Miladin) Ekmecic Faculty of Economy 9,15
2.        Alija (Almir) Dzajic Faculty of Humanities 8,77
3.        Stanka (Stjepan) Peric Faculty of Civil Engineering 8,03
4.        Amra (Almir) Suta Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 8,16
5.        Jelena (Radomir) Mihic Faculty of Education 10,00
6.        Selma (Salko) Zulum Law Faculty 9,47
7.        Amra (Enes) Fazlic Interior Design studies 9,60
8.        Sara (Ilija) Kljajic Business Informatics 10,00
9.        Zulfo (Ibrahim) Dzemila Health Care 8,69
10.    Samra (Himzo) Repesa Health Care 8,69

Second cycle:

    N           Name and surname   Name of faculty / university study    GPA
1 Zerina (Ibro) Hebibovic Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 8,62
2 Džejla (Safet) Cano Faculty of Education 9,43
3 Amina (Sadudin) Zaklan Law Faculty 9,80


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