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INTERBA project: Methodologies of scientific research in ICT

Today at the Faculty of Humanities, within the INTERBA project, a training session was held for students and teaching staff. The topic was "Methodologies of scientific research in ICT ".

Prof. dr. Emina Junuz used the SCATE pedagogical model during the workshop. The workshop covered the following topics:

  1. Research methodology, methods and technique
  2. Drafting a scientific article and publishing
  3. Presentation of scientific results
  4. Peer review process.

The typical structure of the created e-learning material adheres to the five SCATE components:

The SCOPE section places every unit in the context of the course, and clearly states the specific objectives.

The CONTENT section contextualises new information. It may either be online notes or graphical representations of content.

The ACTIVITY section is where newly acquired skills and knowledge are put into practice. It might involve writing a short paper, conducting a group activity or responding to a given case scenario.

The THINK section gives students an opportunity to reflect on their newly acquired skills and knowledge. This might take the form of a thoughtful response to a carefully crafted question from the instructor, or a peer exchange about lessons learned.

The EXTRA section provides closure, prompts further exploration and learning, and assessment.

23 participants followed the lecture live, while 12 participants joined online.

This workshop is a result of the INTERBA project and the SCATE pedagogical model was used during the training.

INTERBA is an acronym for Erasmus+ capacity building project in higher education 'INTERnationalization at Home: Embedding Approaches and Structures to Foster Internationalization at Western Balkans' 610429-EPP-1-2019-1-AL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP.


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