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Hifa Oil Leadership School

On October 30, 2021 students and representatives of economic faculties were part of the first Hifa Oil Leadership School in Tešanj. Hifa-Oil Leadership School is a one-day seminar that provided the best BiH students with an unforgettable experience and an opportunity to connect. The seminar is designed to acquaint students with the challenges and opportunities in the business world on the example of the Hifa-Oil Group.

Edna Kadunić, a fourth-year student in Management, said that this experience is very important in the development of young people's careers because students are additionally motivated by positive stories from practice.

“We had the opportunity to listen to the motivating stories of the directors of companies within the Hifa-Oil Group, their professional path from their first employment until today, and their life obstacles and career rises that resulted in building themselves as individuals but also as successful managers. It was especially emphasized that the departure of young people from BiH must not and should not be the only option and that economics students, future business owners, managers, and diplomats are the hope for the construction and development of economic and other spheres of the state. A special impression was left by the address of the Executive Director Venan Hadžiselimović, as well as the owner and board member of Hifa-Oil Group Izudin Ahmetlić, who reiterated that success in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as anywhere else, is not guaranteed, but that it is possible, with enough commitment, work, and patience. We have learned that business success requires a lot, but that it is important to surround yourself with positive people and that the key to everything is trust. Practically within the concept of their business, we were able to recognize all the functions of management, market segmentation, organizational structure and culture, the approach to motivating employees, as well as their responses to the challenges posed by globalization. I can truly say that the Hifa-Oil Group sets the trends of modern business, cares about the community, and I am especially pleased that through practical work in one of the companies within the Hifa Oil Group I will be able to apply knowledge of economics. "


Jasmina Halilović, a fourth-year student in Management, said only words of praise for organizing the seminar:

“I am glad to have had the opportunity to attend the Hifa Oil Leadership one-day seminar. When addressing the owner Izudin Ahmetlić, I was especially attracted by the sentence that life is not a journey by elevator, but a journey by stairs "which we now walk and simply in life it is necessary that everything goes gradually to reach our goal and through that" journey by stairs " a lot is learned, realized and seen, and while the elevator deprives us of it all. ”


Hana Jarić, a fourth-year student in Management, emphasized that this type of education should be a practice for other BiH companies as only real stories and a good connection between the educational and real-world can produce young successful people ready for business challenges.

"The presentations of all the directors of the Hifa Oil Group left the impression that I believe in me and all the students who attended and no matter how many obstacles they had during their lives, they did not stop them from one day becoming directors of a large group. "
As we learn many concepts for leadership through science, one of the key links for the company's success is an environment of positive people, a good relationship between employees and owners, and finally, as CEO Venan Hadziselimovic said, TRUST has the greatest power," said Hana.


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