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Professor Senka Rebac gave an interactive lecture to students of Tourism Studies

Interactive lecture

On November 4, Professor Senka Rebac from InHolland University in Rotterdam held an interactive lecture with third-year students of Tourism Studies.

Student Jasmina Repeša said that this was a valuable experience for her and it helped her to be more self-aware in a pleasant way.

“Through fascinating assignments, psychological analysis, videos, and interaction with every student, prof. Rebac managed to refresh the learning contents and get us all thinking. In a sea of ​​heavy commitments, we frequently overlook ourselves, and hardly ever ask ourselves who we are, what our wishes are, and what values ​​we seek. Thanks to the professor, we have been given the chance to search for answers to these questions together, share our past with our colleagues, and therefore connect with our colleagues on a whole larger, private level. On behalf of all students, I would like to thank the professor for this terrific experience, and I can easily say that this lecture has made a huge impression on us and that we will not easily forget this little break out from daily life." stated Jasmina.


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