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Interview with Assistant Professor Đani Rahimić

Interview with Assistant Professor Đani Rahimić
Interview with Assistant Professor Đani Rahimić

On the occasion of the "Bicycle Day", we talked with doc.dr Đani Rahimić, who in 2014, together with his colleagues, founded the Mountain Bike Association MTBA in Mostar. He is the president of the association, and actively participates in the implementation of numerous projects in the field of cycling, mapping of bicycle paths, and organizing sports competitions.

1. As a professor who has many years of experience in various fields of sports, where did the love for cycling come from?

Well, we all rode a bike as kids and enjoyed it not looking at it as a sport or recreation but as fun. With the development of mountain biking in our country, that love has reappeared, but now in combination with a tour of the mountains, which is also very fun and of course has a positive effect on psychophysical health.

2. How often do you ride a bike and how do you combine cycling with other sports activities?

I try to drive as often as possible, usually on weekends, but unfortunately, lately, I have reduced this activity a bit due to obligations, but I hope to return to the mountains soon since the snow has melted and all trails are available to us.

3. What trails in the area of ​​Herzegovina would you highlight for a good bike adventure?

My favorite route and trail that I often drive, and it was also my first ride in the mountains, is the macadam road that leads to the top of Brasin on Mount Velež. In addition, in the area of ​​Herzegovina, there are other exciting trails in the mountains Prenja and Čvrsnica that are worth visiting.

4. What would you say to the younger generations who spend a lot of time using digital devices?

To use that time and devices for navigation in nature and go on a tour of the natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina, because today information is available to everyone and it has never been easier to find a beautiful location for a trip.


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