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Memories of early University days

Fazlija Hebibovic: Memories of early University days
Fazlija Hebibovic: Memories of early University days

Fazlija Hebibovic is a journalist and former staff correspondent for Politika Ekspres, the highest circulation newspaper from the former Yugoslavia. Through memory, Fazlija tells us about beggings of University. Academic staff were full of enthusiasm and hope that University will become one of the most important higher education institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The former employees of the Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar were like family, said Fazlija.

Through time rectors, deans, professors, teaching assistants have changed, but the core values of the University were always the same - pride and honor. Bela Lehr was elected the first Rector of the University in 1977. He was also one of the University's founders, and he said a few words that many remembered: "I am here to form the University. Let's educate people".  For University nowadays and its staff, Fazlija only had the best of words. "Young team and excellent contribution to science. Important for all spheres of life. they are true to themselves, with no label, bearers of knowledge and prosperity".

It is crucial to celebrate every anniversary of the Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar. this way we emphasize its importance in society. 

The interview was conducted by Dzenita Sakic, a member of the PR Expert Team.


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