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Empower Mediterranean Tourism

Workshop  - Empower Mediterranean Tourism
Workshop - Empower Mediterranean Tourism

On the 29th of October, students of the Tourism Study participated in a workshop organized within the project - Empower the Mediterranean for SMART tourism. The workshop was held in Hotel Mostar.

Within the project, the project participants have carried out an analysis of the development of a business model for SMART tourism in the Mediterranean. During the workshop, the participants discussed the main challenges and shortcomings of the tourism sector. The conclusions of the workshop will be the basis for an innovative business model.

"The very word SMART tells us that in this sector, in addition to us, human beings, technology plays an important role as a facilitator. The workshop was useful and educational for us students. We have learned the importance of market research as well as which components are important for tourism development. We understand the importance of technology in nowadays development. We will strive for the best possible development of technology that will lead to quality development of tourism. ", said the first-year students of tourism studies.

"We should put great efforts into creating a strategy for the development of sustainable tourism where the emphasis is on human resources, that is, establishing an efficient system that will systematically manage the destination as well as adjust the legal framework. Another important item is strengthening cooperation between public and private actors. "Use and management of SMART technologies in strategic planning. We were pleased to be part of this workshop as well as to cooperate with prof. dr. Almir Peštek," said second-year student Haris Količić, a young entrepreneur who works in the sector of tourism and hospitality.


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