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Coimbra Group Scholarships for young researches

Coimbra Group Scholarships
Coimbra Group Scholarships

Universities from Coimbra Group offer one or two semester scholarships for young researchers from institutions for higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina and countries in South and South-Eastern Europe, North Africa and Middle East.

The main purpose of this programme is to support engaged young researches at their home institutions and provide them a scientific research in order for them to gain more academic and research contacts.

It is possible to apply for the following Universities:

- University Eötvös Loránd in Budapest (Hungary)

- University in Granada (Spain)

- Karl Franz University in Graz (Austria)

- University in Haidelberg (Germany)

- University Alaxandru Ioan Cuza in Iasi (Romania)

- Catholic University in Leuven (Belgium)

- University in Padova (Italy)

- University in Poitiers (France)

- University in Salamanca (Spain)


Džemal Bijedić University of Mostar
University Campus
88104, Mostar
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: +387 36 570 790

eMail: international[@]unmo[.]ba

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