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Enrollment procedure

Enrolment in the first year of studies is announced in the period between 21 June and 1 July of the current year. All citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can apply, as well as students from abroad, i.e. candidates who finished their high school education outside Bosnia and Herzegovina if recognized as adequate for further education by foreign-degree validation procedure. When applying for enrolment in the first year of studies, a candidate is obliged to submit the following documents:

  • Enrolment form – with indicated department and program applied for
  • Original diploma on completion of four-year high school or a verified copy
  • Original diploma on completion of four-year high school or verified copy translated by the official court interpreter
  • The decision on verification of the diploma on completion of four-year high school or the certificate that the student has submitted the request for diploma validation
  • Birth certificate
  • Other documents necessary for determining the number of credits in accordance with the enrolment criteria.
  • Certificate on citizenship

To enroll in higher-education institutions – studies, successful candidates are to submit:

  • Enrolment form and two registration forms
  • Matriculation book – "index",
  • Two photos
  • Medical certificate (issued by a competent health institution)
  • Proof that the student has registered with the Ministry of safety
  • Proof of settled tuition fee money
  • Certificate on citizenship

Ranking of candidates is based on the total of credits determined in accordance with the following criteria:

  • General criterion (refers to the achieved success in high school and with a maximum of 35 points)
  • Specific criterion (refers to the acknowledgments received during education or competitions in scientific knowledge (technical) discipline or based on peak performance in sports, with a maximum of 10 points)
  • Individual criterion (refers to the average grade from two to four subjects relevant for the study with a maximum of 15 points)

Students can enroll to study at Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar, before the actual verification of their diploma providing that the verification process is over before the lectures start. Students who have finished secondary school according to the international IB graduation program have a right to enroll and to take entrance exams providing that they submit their diploma before they enroll.

Those candidates who score less than 50% of credits are not allowed to enroll.

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