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Erasmus experience: Zeynep Nur Yıldız

Erasmus experience: Zeynep Nur Yıldız

As a person who lives in Antalya, a city in Turkey in the Mediterranean region, I can say that we have lots of common things with Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Bosnian people. When I first came to Mostar and visited the Old Town, I feel like at home because of the similarity between the Old Town in Antalya. Also because the Bosnian people are as warm as Turkish people, I have never felt out of place. People are always cheerful and try to help with anything when you need it.

Contrary to my city, Mostar is a quite small and uncrowded city. At first, I was shocked by the population because I am not used to going out and seeing only just a few people around. Especially at the night, it felt so weird to me. Even though sometimes I find this boring, I usually like small and peaceful places like here so I love being here, walking around when there is no one in the streets and just enjoying the city and nature. Having the opportunity to see the river any time you want and feeling the fresh air is such a relaxing feeling. Also, all the old buildings and ethnic places make me feel like I live in a different era which is so calming.

I have also had the chance to see Sarajevo, Blagaj, Stolac, Počitelj, and Čapljina until now. Čapljina has become my second favorite after seeing Nature Park Hutovo Blato. It also has such beautiful fresh air and a calming view that I can stay there for hours doing nothing. Also, the local salespersons who sell the homemade souvenirs and foods were so kind and had interesting beautiful things.

I wish one day I have the chance to see Bosnia also in winter because I am sure that these places have a different atmosphere at that time too. Especially Rujište was the most impressive place for me. It is like heaven thanks to its all green view, and since the time I saw it, I cannot stop thinking about how perfect it would look in winter. So I can say that I want to come to Bosnia again, especially to Rujište. I am happy to see all these magnificent places  but I am also sad about leaving here. I hope that I can enjoy it here as much as I can and visit again as soon as possible!

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