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Erasmus experience: Jose Rafael Català Calatayud

Jose Rafael Català Calatayud

1. Why did you choose BiH in the first place?

I never choose this place. I think is about destiny, because when it opens I started to fill the inscription to apply to Mostar. It was about one colleague who took that decision and he inscribed me. So, I was feeling in all the process that destiny decides on me.

2. Why Mostar? 

Mostar is one of the most important cities in BiH. The location of this city ables to visit other places such as Blagaj, Pocitelj, Stolac, Kravice…

3. What is the thing that Bosnia has and other countries don't have? 

The most important thing is to be in connection with a lot of different cultures. And also Mostar is one of the best examples that you can see in the buildings, food, shops…

4. Why did you choose BiH again for the second-year exchange? 

Because I met a lot of local people that ones are important for me. Also last year it was corona time and I didn’t travel a lot because it was so much difficult to be in other countries that are near BiH. And also because I feel like it is my second home.

5. Would you recommend this country and city to someone else to come? 

It depends on what kind of Erasmus do you want. Because this country is for meet your self and to discover new experiences of life. Also, you can meet other new people from other countries that mean than is not necessary to be in a big Erasmus program.

6. What is your advice for the students coming to BiH for the first time? 

First of all, enjoy and live in every moment. Secondly, you have to meet the local people because they will open their house and you also will open your mind. And eat a lot.

7. What is one of your favorite and one of your funniest memories here in BiH / Mostar?

One of my favorite experiences it is when I was sitting down the old bridge at night thinking about life and also talking to the local people that I was meeting there and hanging out with others, because that it was the best way to feel who I am and who I will be. It’s the best place to start your dreams in your mind.

And one of my funniest memories was my last crazy day in Mostar because I was hoping for my PCR test to be positive, so I could stay in Mostar a few days more.

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