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Kristina Vujevic- her experience of being an exchange student at University of Maribor

Living abroad, studying in a different language is something that can never be forgotten. My Erasmus+ experience was a little bit different due to the pandemic situation, but it was still very beautiful and worth it. I was in Maribor, Slovenia and I travelled with my friend from college. Two weeks after our arrival, lockdown in Slovenia started and it lasted until our last week of stay. We were provided with accommodation in an apartment. It was 10 minutes away from the center of Maribor and the owner was very welcoming and helpful during our whole stay. Also, we had time to try traditional Slovenian food, visit shops, try their famous pastry called “kremšnita” and so on. Later, when the lockdown started, I focused mainly on discovering the nature and unknown places of the Maribor. I was amazed by its woods, national parks and nature. Also, it is very clean city with beautiful Main Square where main events happen.

It was a good experience to listen our online classes on English language. It allowed me to expand my knowledge, not only in English but also in all other subjects, which I find very interesting. Slovenia is a great country with hospitable people and with a lot of benefits for students. One of them is renting a bike for free! That has helped me to stay active during the lockdown and also made my discovery of foreign city even more interesting. Also, in Slovenia there are cheaper tickets for students, student coupons for food and many benefits which make this country very suitable for students. Last week of my stay, the situation got better and the borders between the regions became opened, so we got the chance to visit Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia and Pohorje, Ski Mountain in Maribor.

Erasmus is a very powerful experience that can change your life in a good way, help you with your independence and self-confidence. It can allow you to expand your knowledge by exploring the diversity of different culture and a different way of living.

Despite the Corona virus situation, studying in a foreign country, as a part of Erasmus+ exchange program, was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I would encourage everyone to try it.


Kristina Vujevic, student of Tourism studies Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar

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