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Study abroad: Freemovers

You want to go abroad, but your university does not have a partnership with the university of your dreams? There is no problem! You can always apply to a university for doing an exchange as a free mover.

An independent exchange is an alternative to organized exchanges and has the advantage - you have complete freedom of choosing the destination. All students are welcome to apply for admission to other universities. A Freemover enrollment makes sense if you have sufficient financial means to fund your study abroad, if you want to study abroad, but the existing exchange programs don’t cover your wishes or if you haven’t been accepted in other exchange programs.

Who can apply?

  1. You should be enrolled at a university: For some universities, it is mandatory to be inscribed in a university at the time, but don’t worry, if you are not a student, there are as well other options where you could apply as a non-student if you want to expand your knowledge about a subject but are not willing to commit to a whole Bachelor Degree
  2. Some universities require a language sufficiency, but there are plenty of options to study in English
  3. You can go abroad for research at a host institution or as a student
  4. Some countries require you to be an EU/ EAA citizen
  5. Some universities ask for sufficient funds to finance your semester(s) abroad

The organization Wearefreemovers provides a detailed guide with information about universities in 52 countries where you can apply as s Freemover

Are you interested? Here is an example!

The University of Marburg in Germany accepts applications of Freemovers as long as you are enrolled at your home university and you are not participating in other exchange programs at the time. But don’t worry, the university has eight programs in English in the areas of Economics, North American Studies, and Peace and Conflict Studies. If you want to participate in other programs that are not in the mentioned areas, you would have to prove a B2 German sufficiency in order to complete your semester(s) successfully.

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