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Earth day: Interview with Anis Mrgan

Earth day: Interview with Anis Mrgan
Earth day: Interview with Anis Mrgan

What is Earth day for you?

Earth Day is an international day that aims to educate the entire population about the ecological conditions and the correct behavior towards the environment in which we live. Ecology teaches us that the environment in which we live and work is the only one we have. We are aware that our actions are constantly destroying the environment, and we need to change that.


How can we treat our planet better?

Take baby steps to achieve big goals. When you go shopping, bring your reusable bag, do not buy plastic bags. Then, when you go to a job or university walk or drive a bicycle, it’s better for your health and the atmosphere. Also, we should turn to healthy organic farming and treat the Earth as it deserves.


What is your message to people, especially young people and students?


You need to educate yourself, learn about nature, expand your knowledge, and try to implement it. Join non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for activism to contribute to your community. For example, on Monday, April 26th the Citizens Association “Nešto Više” will organize an open day of Eco HUB Mostar. The invitation is open to everyone interested in learning how to be a good and responsible citizen of the Earth.

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