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Haris Omerika - his experience of being an exchange student at SUT

Haris Omerika at Silesian University in Gliwice
Haris Omerika at Silesian University in Gliwice

Erasmus in Poland?... Why not?
Leaving the comfort of home, your family and friends is certainly not easy. We said goodbye to them and got on a bus that took us into the uncertain, something new and unknown to us. I would be lying if I said that we weren't a little bit afraid of everything that awaited us.

Gliwice, about 200,000 inhabitants, a smaller town located in the south of Poland in the Silesian region was our home. We accommodated in a student dorm, Piast, which was only 30 meters away from the University. I shared the room with Mirza and a Polish guy Dawid. Our other three friends were in the room next to us (Dalila, Sadzida and Merisa). We studied at SUT, Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Living in a dormitory with Polish and International students, numerous parties, gatherings, excursions made it possible for me to meet a large number of young people, whom I am still in touch with. We also attended a Polish language course.

With commitments from college, we had a lot of free time which we used with pleasure for different activities, mostly for traveling.
More than a good scholarship allowed us to complete our unforgettable stay in Poland. We visited many sights in Poland, mainly by train. We got on so well with the Polish students so they invited us home for the weekend (also they visited us in Bosnia).

The SUT is very well organized, among the best in Poland. The professors were friendly and helpful. We have gained a new experience, both through knowledge and through interaction with students from all over the world.

As a conclusion to all of this, I can say that the Erasmus exchange is the best that can happen to you during your college years. It will change your life in a positive way, give you a new experience and most importantly give you the opportunity to get to know yourself.

If you like challenges, adventure, meeting friends - grab the opportunity and apply for an Erasmus exchange.

Create the most beautiful moments of your life!

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