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Alija Sijamija his experience of being an exchange student at University of Maribor

MAribor Erasmus + exchange UNMO student

My experiences and adventures, which I experienced during Erasmus is hard to describe with words, but I will try. When I sent a request for exchange students, Erasmus represented for me travelling and making acquaintances, but I realized that Erasmus is much more than that.

By hanging out with people every day, whom I met during Erasmus I found friends for a whole life. During exchange whole world was attacked by Coronavirus, and us also, but we experienced it with a smile on our faces, preparing meals, helping each other to prepare exams and of course having fun, as a small family from different parts of the world. I’ve learned basics words in various languages and tried food from different countries, also found out about events in other countries directly from their citizens, not from media.

Later we started to travel, acquire new experience and nice memories. Slovenia is so beautiful country and there are many beautiful places to visit. I think Erasmus will be one of the most beautiful periods in my life. 

Alija Sijamija

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