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Mustafa Can Ozturk - his experience of being an exchange student at Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar

Mustafa Can Ozturk
Mustafa Can Ozturk

"I can tell people here in Mostar are really cheerful, nice and fun. I'm having a time of my life. Don't regret coming here not even for a moment. You rock, guys!"

With time inevitably passing by, I get to truly realize what they mean when they say how life is a wild ride; so, here I am, at the end of my life’s current episode, trying to embrace the fact that time is incredibly fast going, preparing for us many new adventures to experience, many people to meet and things to learn in the forthcoming times...

I’d like to use the opportunity to show my appreciation and respect for all of my teachers that I worked with: Aida Dziho-Sator, Adi Maslo, Gretchen Eick, Michael Poage, Edin Bešlić, Amra Mujala, Craig Cunningham and Jonathan Trousdale, and of course Mirsada Zajimova Behram to deeply thank them for everything they have done for me, for their patience and passion, and for kindness at any time. You people have to know about the huge positive impact that you had on my life, in this brief period of my time being here. Besides this I want to mention all my friends too and say my thanks to them, because all of them helped me feel great during my life here, and I had so much fun. I will never forget you, guys! Thank you for everything! In addition because of speaking English all the time, I started to even dream in English! That was unexpected thing for me, but I guess I used to speaking English all the time, so these must be the consequences. It is not the easiest thing to say your goodbyes, and I will not say: “Goodbye forever”. Instead of that, I will keep being hopeful that I will meet you again... somewhere in the world. You never know what life is preparing for you and with who are you going to cross your paths (again)...

I am truly grateful for this experience in my life in this beautiful city MOSTAR, and for you being so cheerful, helpful and friendly, and if anyone ever asks me to speak up about the good times I had here, be sure I will mention YOU.

I realized through my living here in these few months that the youth is hopeless about the future, to opportunities and things that are coming their way... but I hope things will change.

I learned a few phrases here. Not too many, but still... If I meet you again, instead of saying “Hello!”, I am going to enthusiastically say: “Ša ima?” and if I do something for you, and you reply with “Hvala puno”, I will say “Niema na čemu”. If you ask me how I’m doing, I will say: “Eo dobar”. :D Also, people... I want to ask you something: Kako si???

If you seek some kind of advice for me about tough times, and things sometimes can get really tough... Always remember: Everything is gonna be alright... The storm will stop, and the sun will shine again... Always remember what Bobby McFerrin says, and so does Bob Marley: Don’t worry, be happy! And I am the one repeating these words whenever I feel down, or anyone around me.

For the last, I’d like to apologize to all of you, if, by any chance, you took something personally, or if I sounded rude or something else... I hope you will forgive me, as many graffiti in Mostar say: “Do not forget, but do forgive forever”, and therefore I hope you will do the same for me.

And as Amy Winehouse and the band from Mostar “Tale Quale” would say – “We only say goodbye with words...”

Love you all, my memory makers,
Mustafa Can

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