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Key action 2: Capacity building in higher education

Projects of capacity building in higher education support modernization, availability, and internationalization of higher education in partner countries. these projects are based on the success stories of Alfa, Edu link, and TEMPUS programmes.

The aim of these projects is to encourage cooperation between the EU and partner countries and to support the partner countries in solving the challenges of management in higher education. this implies the improvement of higher education quality, development of new and innovative education systems, modernization of higher education through reform policies as well as the encouragement of cooperation in different regions via common initiatives.  

There are two types of CBHE projects:
• Joint projects aiming at supporting the improvement of curricula, management, and strengthening of connections between higher education systems.
• Structural projects are aiming at the promotion of reforms in higher education systems, modernization of policies, management, and strengthening of connections between higher education systems and the wider socio-economic environment.

Capacity-building projects can be:
• National projects that include institutions from one partner country
• Projects in several countries within the same region that include at least two countries from that particular region
• Projects in several countries that include more than one region and at least one country from each region

Capacity-building projects Dzemal Bijedic University has participated, within the last five years, in the capacity of a partner are:

1. MSc course in STEAM education
2. Sustainable University - Enterprise Cooperation for Improving Graduate Employability
3. Knowledge Triangle for a Low Carbon Economy
4. Transforming Architectural and Civil Engineering Education towards a Sustainable Model
5. INTERnationalization at Home: Embedding Approaches and Structures to Foster Internationalization at Western Balkans
6. Vitalising ICT relevance in Agricultural learning
7. Promoting academia-industry alliances For R&D through collaborative and open innovation
8. Strengthening of master curricula in water resources management for the Western Balkans HEIs and stakeholders
9. Healthy URBan Environment: Developing Higher Education in Architecture and Construction in Bosnia and Herzegovina
10. Western Balkans Urban Agriculture Initiative
11. Next Destination Balkans: Agritourism Landscapes Development

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