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Mimea Team

Mimea Team

Can you introduce yourselves?

We are a team consisting of four members and our mentor, Professor Denis Music. Vedad Traljo, Selma Memic, and Lana Mustafic are second-year students at the Faculty of Information Technologies (FIT), while Haris Gusic is a first-year student at FIT. We are very interested in IT for several reasons, one of which is the creativity that IT and programming offer. We also have a lot of experience with various hackathons and international IT certifications.

Why did you choose the Faculty of Information Technologies?

We chose the Faculty of Information Technologies primarily because of our interest in the IT field, the many opportunities that FIT and the University of Dzemal Bijedic in Mostar provide for their students, and the knowledge that can be gained at FIT.

How did you come up with the idea to apply for the competition?

We came up with the idea to apply for the competition quite by chance. We read about the competition application on the website of our faculty, so we agreed that it would be a nice experience for us. By reaching the global finals, we were positively surprised because we started from scratch, but our effort still paid off. This success arose from pure friendship and the desire to expand our knowledge, so perhaps that combination is the secret to our success!

What is your idea for the competition?

Our idea for the competition is a smart mirror whose purpose is to be an aid in nursing homes, both for patients and employees. The smart mirror has continuous monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, and blood sugar. Mimea has a voice assistant (through which you can activate every function), video calls with family, music, childhood photos, face recognition to preserve the privacy of each patient, breathing exercises, and physical exercises. Our goal is for Mimea to make at least a part of the daily life of people with dementia, Alzheimer's, and depression easier.

Why "Mimea"?

We tried to find a name that was specific and easy to remember. We played with letters, and Mimea stood out as the best option.

What do you expect from the competition?

This competition has already brought us a lot of new opportunities, knowledge, new acquaintances, and a greater desire to learn, so we expect that as a result of everything. In the next part of the competition, we will do our best to place as well as possible, and we hope that luck will also serve us!

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