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Erasmus experience: Samir Imamovic

Erasmus experience: Samir Imamovic

My name is Samir Imamović, I come from Jablanica.I am a second year student at the Faculty of Economy at the Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar. I arrived in Krakow on 18.02. exactly on my birthday. Like I said it was my first day, and as a foreigner in a new, big city I had a lot of difficulties. When I got out at the main station, Krakow looked like a kind of concrete jungle to me. Lots of street lights and the sound of car sirens. I got lost that day because I changed the streets with a very similar name (Rakowicka and Raclawicka) so I spent more money, only to find out later that the taxi driver cheated on me and charged me for driving more than it was worth. And the people from the bank where I opened the account made the same mistake, so they sent my card to the wrong address. The only thing worth mentioning that day was a quartet playing music in a nearby block. It was already late when I arrived at the home. And I was exhausted and I thought to myself, "what did I need this for? I could just stay in Mostar." However a new day, I was already a little better. I also met some new friends, while my colleagues from BiH were a few days late. Already that day I was going on a city tour with my new friends. Although I have to admit that all the places looked similar to me and I was not fascinated, and Krakow was quite cruel to me those few days.


And so the first week somehow passed and in the meantime my friends from BiH came. By then I was already used to life in Krakow. And the music that can be heard in the nearby block has somewhat changed my feelings about this city with which I was still in conflict. I thought that if I replaced the sound of sirens and all that noise with a piece performed by musicians - that the city would become unbearably beautiful. Especially the old castle. After a few days of thinly disguised hatred on my part as well as on the part of Krakow, it could be said that the street musicians mediated a truce between me and Him. I could see that this 'beauty' lives in concrete and all these buildings and castles, as is the case with rivers and mountains in our homeland Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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