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Erasmus experience: Oǧulcan Kurt

Erasmus experience: Oǧulcan Kurt

Hello! I am Oǧulcan. I am 22 years old. I came to Mostar from Kirklareli, Turkey. I am third grader in Kirklareli University and I study English translation and interpreting, but here I am studying English Literature at Džemal Bijedić University of Mostar. Before I arrived in Mostar, I did not have much of an opinion about Bosnia and Herzegovina. I chose here because I knew I would feel comfortable as in Turkey, and I was right. As it is my first abroad experience, I have enjoyed every moment so far. You should know that here in Bosnia, you will feel that you are at home. The local people here are so hospitable and welcoming. When I was coming to Bosnia, in the plane, I was a bit scared to be honest since I have never been abroad as well as I will be somewhere that no one speaks my own language. However, the first day I was in Bosnia was one of the greatest days of my life. Keep that in mind that when you arrive to Mostar, Mirsada, who is one of the kindest people I have ever met, will welcome you and explain everything you should do and should not. If you listen to her carefully, you will have no problem during your stay here. So, do not panic for issues you might encounter because she will 100% handle it. On the other hand, the professors at the university are so helpful and I had wonderful time learning and at the same time had lots of fun. Furthermore, there are lots of beautiful places to visit such as the Mostar Bridge and Dervish House. These are my favourite ones but of course there are more places to see. Also, the city Mostar has a good atmosphere that since I came, I always go out for a walk every night. It is my favourite activity here so far. What is more, I loved the food here. If you are coming here to stay, just do not even think about what you will eat here. You will have lots of options to eat and for me since it is so close to the Turkish cuisine, I have not had any problem to find the foods that I will enjoy. Adding to that, as a Muslim person here, I have not had any problems in finding halal food. Thus, I can absolutely say that here in Mostar, people are not discriminated by their religion, race, or anything you can imagine and that is what makes Mostar a perfect place for Erasmus students. If you are thinking of which university to choose for Erasmus, believe me, Mostar will be the best experience for you. I had lots of fun in just one month. Imagine 5 months. Now, when I look back, I feel so happy for choosing Mostar and it will be one of my best choosing's in my entire life.

Oǧulcan Kurt

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