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Erasmus experience: Ammar Sabanovic

Erasmus experience: Ammar Sabanovic
Erasmus experience: Ammar Sabanovic

1. Can you introduce yourself? (Name, age, faculty/university)

My name is Ammar Šabanović, I am currently 23 years old and Master student at Mechanical Engineering faculty at Džemal Bijedić University of Mostar


2. If you’d have to use one word to describe your Erasmus experience, which word would it be (and why)?

Legendary! I am making reference on How I met your Mother, famous Barney catchphrase. Mainly because experiences like that are hard to repeat and forget. It was something totally different. Sometimes it annoys me when I am unable to describe that to someone else, that experience and how did it feel.


3. What was your first impression of your host country/city? Would you choose it again?

My host city was Wroclaw, Poland and I would definitely choose it again. My first impression was how big and developed it was. I didn’t expect Poland to be so highly developed and modern country.


4. What did you learn?

I learned to respect other cultures more, and also to value some things from my people and culture. I learned to adapt to numerous of new situations.


5. What do you tell people when they ask you how was your Erasmus experience? Would you do it again?

As I sad, it is really hard to describe the whole experience to someone who never did it. Impossible to picture it to them. I would do it again ofcourse.


6. What was the most memorable experience that you had during your stay?

It is hard to choose.


7. What would you have wanted to know before going on Erasmus?

How much money do I need before I get first scholarship.


8. Do you have any advice for other students?

Life is to short to stay in your comfort zone.


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