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EQ8: The Sky in Not the Limit

EQ8: Nebo nije granica!

Members of ESN Mostar - Candidate Section participated in a one-day seminar with students organized by the team of Svaki Student organization. The seminar was held at the Hotel Mostar, March 7th, 2020.

Speakers at the seminar were 3 American businessmen, and Amplius electronics representative Marin Bevanda.

The meaning of leadership, what kind of behavior a leader should have in private and business life, what are the tasks of a leader, and emotional intelligence are just some of the topics that were covered.

Marin shared his story with those present, which is proof that in Bosnia and Herzegovina we can succeed, if we are committed enough to our goals.

The day after, workshops with speakers on project development were held at the premises of the organization Svaki Student.

Together with our Erasmus students, we also joined Game Night. Thank you for a great seminar and for a wonderful gathering. 

Svaki Student Mostar is an independent Christian organization that wants to build an environment to which young people and students can belong, believe and become the people they were created to be. They have been operating in Sarajevo since 2001, and in Mostar since 2015. They teach English, organize academic seminars, social events and excursions several times a year. Svaki student is part of the association Focus BiH.

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