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Anis Mrgan - his experience of being an exchange student in Italy

Anis Mrgan - Erasmus experience in Ancona
Anis Mrgan - Erasmus experience in Ancona

Erasmus in Ancona is the most powerful experience in my life and, besides all of that, a good time to have fun, learn something new and meet new people from other countries. First, you're going to a country that is very famous for pasta and pizza and by the Roman Empire, but besides all that it is a country with a mixed culture, old buildings and a lot of different food types.

Ancona, about 100,000 inhabitants like Mostar, is a town on the east coast on both sides surrounded by the Adriatic Sea in the Marche region.

We first accommodated in a student dorm at Via Brecce Bianche, which was only 10 meters away from the University. That dorm was only one person in one room.
The second dorm that was in the center of Ancona city at the address Via Scosciacavalli, which was 30 minutes by bus from University. I shared a room with three more guys (Mirza, Nihad and Ismar).
Mirza and I study Agronomy and Nihad and Ismar study Mechanical engineering.
This dorm was huge, it had 2 rooms with two beds in one room, two bathrooms and one kitchen for us. This dorm has about five floors with two dormitory units on one floor. And besides all that in, it is complex of buildings.

Living in a building with people from Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, France, Georgia and other countries was a good experience, numerous parties, travels and to this day we stay in good contact.
Also, we have all attend an Italian language course.

With the good organization of ESN in Ancona, we traveled a lot by train or bus, from Bari to Milano and back. Besides all of that, we visited other countries without the help of ESN. We were in Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland. We had a lot of free time because some of the subjects were in Italian language, but professors gave us books in English and they explained what to learn for tests.

Besides all that we have practice work in big companies around Italy (EFSA, Barilla, helath hazard company Parma and a lot of other companies).We had good and helpful professors and teachers that have good experience in their work with students, but in all of that, we learned and saw a lot of stuff in our field of study. We had a chance to see how they made a famous pasta and sos in Barilla company and the whole history of pasta.

I need to just say this: if you like challenges, adventures, meeting new friends, sharing knowledge and learning new stuff it is the best opportunity to apply for Erasmus exchange.

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