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Chemistry studies

Department: Chemistry

Faculty coordinator: Maida Đapo


Course Study cycle Semester ECTS Language Contact person Email Syllabus
General chemistry I BSc I 8 English Seit Bobar  
General chemistry II BSc II 6 English Sejit Bobar  
Analytical Chemistry I BSc II 7 English Munir Mehovic  
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry BSc III 6 English Maida Djapo  
Analytical Chemistry II BSc III 7 English Munir Mehovic  
Analytical Chemistry III BSc IV 5 English Munir Mehovic  
Organic chemistry I BSc IV 7 English Maida Djapo  
Introduction to Biochemistry BSc V 6 English Maja Kazazic  
Organic chemistry II BSc V 6 English Maida Djapo  
Biochemistry I BSc VI 7 English Maja Kazazic  
Natural Products Chemistry BSc VI 4 English Maida Djapo  
Instrumental Methods of Analysis BSc VI 6 English Munir Mehovic  
Biochemistry II BSc VII 7 English Maja Kazazic  
Structure of molecules BSc VII 5 English Maja Kazazic  
Enzymes BSc VIII 5 English Maja Kazazic