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Biology studies

Department: Biology

Faculty coordinator: Maida Đapo


Course Study cycle Semester ECTS Language Contact person Email Syllabus
Animal histology and embriology BSc II 6 English Sanel Ridjanovic  
Animal physiology BSc III 6 English Sanel Ridjanovic  
Comparative physiology and anatomy BSc IV 6 English Sanel Ridjanovic  
Evolution BSc VII 5 English Sanel Ridjanovic  
Fieldwork in biology BSc VIII 15 English Sanel Ridjanovic  
Human ecology and environmental science BSc II 6 English Lejla Ridjanovic  
Microbiology BSc III 6 English Lejla Ridjanovic  
Hydrobiology BSc IV 6 English Lejla Ridjanovic  
National parks and conservation of nature BSc VII 5 English Lejla Ridjanovic  
Zoology of invertebrates I BSc I 6 English Denisa Žujo Zekić  
Zoology of invertebrates II BSc III 6 English Denisa Žujo Zekić  
Zoology of vertebrates I Bcs IV 6 English Denisa Žujo Zekić  
Biodiversity of fauna BSc VII 5 English Denisa Žujo Zekić  
Biosystematics of tallophytes BSc II 6 English Emina Ademović  
Plant morphology and anatomy BSc III 6 English Emina Ademović  
Plant physiology BSc IV 6 English Emina Ademović  
Biodiversity of flora BSc VII 5 English Emina Ademović  
Cytology BSc I 6 English Samra Međedović  
Genetics BSc III 6 English Samra Međedović  
Molecular biology BSc IV 6 English Samra Međedović  
Cellular and molecular pathways MSc I 5 English Samra Međedović  
Practical skills in biology BSc VII 5 English Samra Međedović  
Bioresources MSc I 5 English Sanel Ridjanovic  
Molecular ecology MSc I 5 English Lejla Ridjanovic  
Endemism and endems of Bosnia and Herzegovina MSc I 5 English Emina Ademovic  
Ichthyofauna MSc I 5 English Denisa Žujo Zekić